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The Prometheus Prophecy (Paperback)

The Prometheus Prophecy (Paperback)

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He lost her to the regime’s oppressive grip—now he’s willing to let the world burn to get her back.

After global war and endless chaos, an iron-fisted totalitarian regime now governs society from the elite Inner Cities to the impoverished Outer Areas. Memories are clouded, history erased, and all dissent crushed.

Adama, a young doctor disillusioned with the system, finds hope stirred by the return of Rahab—his radical former lover who reappears as part of a brewing uprising. But when she is captured and sent to an inhumane lab camp, Adama embraces his own destiny. He journeys to find the Village of Secret Knowledge and forge a network of rebels under the banner of the Firey Cross, risking everything to infiltrate Rahab’s prison and spark revolution.

However, the regime wields terrifying technological powers to preserve its vision of order. And as violence threatens to corrupt the resistance from within, Adama faces impossible choices. Will innocent blood be the cost of change?

Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Ready Player One, The Prometheus Prophecy is an electrifying thrill ride that braids action, suspense and romance into an intoxicating tale. As emotions run high and stakes climb ever upward, one question remains—what will you sacrifice for freedom?

The future belongs to the brave. Click the BUY NOW Button at the top and dare to join the uprising.

"Nothing like you think it is going to be, but way way better."

"That's the kind of stories I look for and Prometheus Rising, DELIVERS!!!!!"

"A real page-turner, unapologetic and fascinating. The kind of book you cannot put down and will find you re-reading all over again."

"I was spellbound. Just reading straight through."

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