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The Prometheus Legacy (Kindle & ePub)

The Prometheus Legacy (Kindle & ePub)

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With a gun pointed at his head, Adama was given his final mission by the man who had taken everything from him.

In a future world still recovering from a devastating war, Adama leads a fledgling rebellion against the oppressive global government. But when he is captured and brainwashed by the sinister Manasseh, Adama is but an empty shell of his former self.

Meanwhile in the city of London, Rahab struggles under Manasseh's watchful eye, still haunted by her past betrayal of Adama's cause. But a chance encounter awakens long buried emotions, and together with old allies, they embark on a desperate mission to crack the cryptic Prometheus prophecy before it's too late.

What they discover is a conspiracy spanning decades, and genetic experiments that could create gods among men. But have they roused powers beyond even Manasseh's control? With the stakes higher than ever before, can Adama defeat the invisible strings pulling him or will they spell the end for them all?

With richly drawn characters and a compelling mixture of sci-fi, mystery, and emotional drama, The Prometheus Prophecy is a fast-paced thrill ride exploring forgotten pasts, shattered love, and the limits of humanity – perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Ready Player One.

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"A real page-turner with multitude of layers that will keep the reader sorting the action in his brain once and over again, impatiently waiting for the conclusion to the trilogy."

"This is an exciting follow on to the first, picks up where the first stopped. The ending caught me totally off guard. I can’t wait to see the surprises she has for us in the third book."

""The plot thickens."

"An impressive dystopian tale that explores the nuances of human nature and the real meaning of freedom."

"Well written, action packed, and a story that you don't want to stop reading. I don't want to give too much away so get the book and find out what happens!"

"If I could give this book more stars then I would."

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